Continuous testing

Test smarter not harder

Leapwork removes common barriers to continuous testing with a no-code automation platform that democratizes who can take responsibility for quality.

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Easy to learn;
easy to use

With the shortest learning curve on the market, you can introduce, build and benefit from automation quickly.

Maximize productivity

Enable more people to automate, reduce resource bottlenecks and free up time to focus on UAT and exploratory testing.

Reduce time to market

Speed up the delivery of digital platforms and enhanced back-office systems for happier customers and employees.

Don’t tolerate downtime

Reduce human error, lower risk, protect business continuity, and have full confidence in application and process quality.

Enable every member of the team to contribute

Leapwork's visual, no-code GUI provides a common language that people with different skills and expertise - including business analysts and product managers - can use to communicate and collaborate on automation.

Low maintenance for maximum efficiency

With hyper-visual debugging capabilities and reusability built-in, Leapwork makes it easier than ever before to maintain your test suite as requirements grow.

Don’t wait for feedback

Leapwork serves as a direct feedback engine to your development teams, so your QA engineers can implement a “fail fast” approach to identify and fix problems earlier.

Everything you need to test continuously

Built for DevOps

Comes with a wide range of governance features, including tamper-proof audit logs, video-based reporting, shared assets, video-based reporting and role-based access control.

Integrates with existing IT

Integrates seamlessly with all DevOps orchestrators from Jenkins to Azure DevOps, for the rapid feedback needed to find and solve problems quickly.

Orchestrate easily

Leapwork is designed to provide transparency of activities and responsibilities at every stage, for the visibility you need to run tests as efficiently as possible.

Efficient automation

Continuously run tests as applications and software are developed. When there is a change in code, let Leapwork find bugs and report back.

Maximum test stability

Smart algorithms identify UI objects used in test cases. This means flows become stable and require very little maintenance when the system under test changes.

Scale quickly

Automate repetitive tests and processes wherever they occur in IT, from test automation and testing in production to start of day checks.

One platform for any application

Web applications

Automate any website or web app with visual flows powered by the world-leading automation framework, Selenium. No code needed.

Windows applications

Test business-critical systems in and across Windows applications with native identification of objects and elements.

Virtual desktops

Comes with image and text recognition capabilities that offer a powerful approach to automating Citrix, graphics, games and more.

Seamless integration into your CI/CD pipeline

Leapwork supports global private bank, Investec, to increase agility with automation

See how Investec have integrated Leapwork into their CI/CD pipeline and delivered faster release cycles.

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Find out how to keep up with evolving customer demands and ensure quality at the same time.

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Learn how to implement test automation across your release pipeline quickly and easily.

The critical role of continuous testing in continuous delivery

How continuous testing enables QA teams to be more efficient, reduce risk, and keep up the pace of delivery.

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