Automate on the go with the Leapwork Smart Recorder

Kasper Fehrend

Senior Product Evangelist at Leapwork

With the Leapwork Smart Recorder, you build automation flows one robust step at a time by clicking on user interface elements without leaving the application you're automating. Video tutorial below.

The Smart Recorder offers a productivity boost for all Leapwork users. Automating tests and processes step by step has never been more intuitive: Simply click through the application under automation, select the required action from a smart suggestion list, and then input any data needed – after which the action is immediately performed. 

After defining the desired number of steps, Leapwork will then automatically design the flow with the right building blocks for you.

How is the Smart Recorder smart? 

Automation with Leapwork are designed as visual flowcharts made up of individual building blocks that execute various tasks. For example, clicking elements, reading texts,  and starting applications.

Traditionally, when designing automation flows with Leapwork, you’re adding building blocks one by one by selecting them from a menu. After adding the blocks, most of them requires additional configuration.

It makes a lot of sense to automate processes this way, because process logic is directly reflected in how you put flows together block by block.

However, this approach also means that the design process will include a lot of going back and forth between Leapwork and the application under automation.

The Smart Recorder allows users to add multiple actions--or building blocks--to either a new or an existing flow, simply by clicking through the application under automation.

When a UI element is captured, you'll see a list of suggested actions to include in your flow. The list is filtered and ordered based on the type of element captured, making it easy for both new and experienced users to select the right building block every time.

The tutorial below covers how to use the Leapwork Smart Recorder to easily add actions to an automation flow. The video includes best practices for frequent commits of the recording back to Leapwork Studio and some examples of post-processing of the recorded flows.




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