Automated continuous testing

Get the insights you need to find and fix earlier

LEAPWORK’s no-code test automation platform fits seamlessly into your CI/CD pipeline to provide total visibility of testing activity, enabling agile teams to test continuously at high speed whilst minimizing the time spent on set-up and maintenance.

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Orchestrate easily

Integrates into your CI/CD toolset to deliver total visibility of testing activity, rapid feedback, and seamless collaboration.

Improve quality

Easily build and adapt tests to respond to changes in the user interface, so you can deliver high quality at speed.

Increase speed & accuracy

Streamline delivery with shift-left testing, so you can fail faster and ensure accurate, repeatable tests.

Optimize your resources

Intuitive management tools for easy oversight so you can optimize test schedules and use resources more efficiently.


Fail fast to ensure quality

With a ‘fail fast’ approach, you can catch and fix bugs as close to source as possible, before they make their way further down the release pipeline. LEAPWORK’s no-code, visual user interface makes it easy to set-up and execute automated tests and run them as early as required.

bullet_arrowsNo-code, visual UI for rapid test design

bullet_arrowsPowerful debugging capabilities that reduce maintenance load

bullet_arrowsUnparalleled usability that makes it easy to collaborate

Remove the barriers to efficient collaboration

LEAPWORK’s intuitive user interface, reporting features, and analytic capabilities enable people with different skillsets working in hybrid teams to collaborate easily. In this way, domain stakeholders, QA experts, and developers can work together seamlessly so there is optimum alignment between user needs and application features.


Save time with lower maintenance

Includes intuitive, powerful tools that make it easy to see which tests have been impacted by a code change.

Better oversight for efficient planning

Define testing scope easily, run in multiple environments, schedule as required, or call LEAPWORK’s REST API to trigger automation on demand from your ALM tools.

Deep insight with advanced analytics

Monitor and analyze outcomes at scale, with built-in exception reporting plus integrations to Power BI and Tableau for advanced data visualization.


End-to-end, cross technology capabilities

The combination of the core technologies that make up LEAPWORK gives you unmatched power for automating tests across technologies. Move seamlessly from SAP and web to desktop and Citrix—and even 3D apps—within a single automation flow.

Data-driven test automation made easy

Run test cases with automated input from spreadsheets, databases, and web services. Call external sources through APIs and HTTP requests and use the results live. Enter data sources and dynamic values with visual connectors to instruct LEAPWORK to iterate through records of data while repeating the steps of test cases.


Fast troubleshooting with visual documentation

Test runs are documented in three ways: A video recording of the entire run, a debug version of your test case design canvas, and an activity log with debug information from the building blocks that make up your test flow. All three are correlated and can be inspected simultaneously.

LEAPWORK also comes with in-built exception reporting as well as integrations with Power BI and Tableau for advanced data visualization and easier management of automation at scale.


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