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Camilla Lassen

Camilla Lassen

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Why Should You Automate Your Functional UI Tests with No-code?

Software testers today are faced with an increasing pressure to release products and upgrade systems more frequently. Automation of functional UI tests is key in enabling these frequent releases.

How to Work with Agile Methodology in Testing for Successful Software Development

The introduction of agile methodologies has allowed software developers to ensure quality while decreasing production times and streamlining the development process. Within this methodology, testing has taken center stage to align development with customer needs.

Automated End-to-End Testing: What Are The Benefits?

End-to-end testing is essential to risk reduction. However many cite high costs as a reason to focus on other testing forms. The key to solving this lies in automation. Read more about why you should automate end-to-end tests in this blog post.

Can Selenium be Used for Desktop Applications?

Selenium is a popular automation tool for automation. Many therefore ask the question “Can Selenium be used to automate desktop applications?"

Why Should You Automate Cross-Browser Testing?

Are you working on an app that requires cross-browser testing, and looking for a way to make that testing more efficient? Then read on to learn how you can achieve quality delivery at speed within a short time frame.

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