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Automate Your Mobile App Tests

Every device. Every browser. In the cloud. Your customer journey will be flawless from start to finish. Use Leapwork's visual approach to automate your native mobile tests. 

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Ensure a first-class, secure mobile experience

Keep systems running end-to-end

Get your new features to market faster

Introducing visual automation for mobile apps. iOS and Android.

Native mobile blocks and a mobile smart recorder, to make it easier and quicker to automate native mobile tests. No coding required. No difficult, technical interfaces to navigate.


Hypervisual debugging

Struggling to find why a test failed? Quickly find the what and the why in three visual ways: a video recording, data-level insights, and activity logs.


Reusable components

Don’t start from scratch every time. Turn common steps into reusable sub-flows. Meaning less maintenance. Fewer development bottlenecks. Much happier teams.


All the plug-ins you need. Ready to go

We use REST API. It makes us compatible with the most common DevOps tools and orchestrators you already use in your CI/CD pipeline.

Don’t see your tool or orchestrator listed? Use our chat, and find out in seconds.


More reasons to use Leapwork

Test every gesture

Swiping. Tapping. Every mobile gesture can be automated with Leapwork. No coding required

Any device. Any OS

Spin up your test in the Cloud with our Headspin integration. Test on any combination of device, OS and browser

Dedicated building blocks

Transform a user journey into an automated test with a dedicated mobile building block

Validate data

Verify that data is updated and synchronized with your external systems, platforms and databases

No coding needed

Tired of coding flaky mobile tests in Appium? With Leapwork, you won't be. Build tests by recording your steps

Test end-to-end

Test across your entire IT infrastructure. From the web, desktop, mobile, virtual, cloud, and legacy systems

"We reduced our testing time from two weeks to one night."

Nasir Vaid

Director of Release Management, Tyler Technologies


Codeless Appium Test Automation: How it Works

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Mobile App Testing with Test Automation Guide

How to ensure your mobile apps work as intended. Whether it's a medical application, or part of the ecommerce experience. 

No-code automation with Leapwork

Learn how to speed up testing and mitigate with easy-to-use no-code automation.

Safe in our hands

Our core functionality supports secure and seamless adoption. Whatever the size of your organization. Store your data with MS SQL and SQLite, and have it encrypted to industry standards.

Safety and trust


With you every step of the way

You’re not alone. Expert test automation support, at every stage of your journey. You’ll have constant access to our automation specialists, as well as a dedicated Customer Success Manager.

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From architecture to deployment

All the gritty details. Here in our technical documentation library. Architecture, installation requirements, licensing, deployment, administration, and more.

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