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The Benefits of Test Automation

Proactive quality assurance and early-stage bug fixing require testing, and as more product features are introduced and released more frequently (continuous delivery), the need for repeated testing mounts rapidly.

Automated testing has for a while now been considered a vital part of the remedy to the accelerating costs in software development. However, even with common test automation tools implemented, increased inefficiency of test activities is identified as a major factor contributing to rising testing costs (source: Capgemini: World Quality Report 2017-18). Traditional test automation solutions are not solving the challenge, for the following reasons:

  • They require highly specialized technical skills
  • They have high barriers to entry, e.g. long learning curve
  • They replace a manual workload with a technical workload without really freeing up time

As a visual automation flow designer, the LEAPWORK Automation Platform is both powerful and accessible as a tool for automated testing – even for complex requirements.

LEAPWORK users are able to achieve the following:

Reduced testing workload

With the use of visual building blocks instead of programming, test cases can be designed in minutes. LEAPWORK enables users to fully automate repetitive functional testing to save precious time during development sprints.

Automation frees up time for testers to do more product improvement (exploratory testing) and less product maintenance (regression testing).

Execute tests faster

Test coverage is extended to include for example several browsers, operating systems, and devices – without increasing the workload. A single LEAPWORK test case can be scheduled to run in multiple environments with the click of a button.

Continuous testing across the release cycle

Regression tests are run at every stage of the release pipeline to support truly agile software development. With LEAPWORK, developers are provided with instant feedback and reports on performance of tests.

Try LEAPWORK for yourself to:

  • Design automation cases as flowcharts
  • Automate without ever typing a single line of code
  • Run automation flows across systems and technologies

Read the LEAPWORK guide to reducing risk, lowering costs, and driving value with test automation.

Aske Denning
Aske Denning
Content Marketing Manager at LEAPWORK

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