How to Increase Your SAP Regression Testing Coverage

Anna Thorsen

Automation Expert

When a business's SAP ecosystem grows, the chance of failure increases. If businesses continue to manually regression test their SAP ecosystem, the number and cost of bugs will only go up.

What can large businesses do to ensure that their processes are agile, without compromising on quality? Businesses are able to reduce complexity and build secure tests in SAP with test automation.

Codeless test automation is beneficial for enterprises using ERP systems like SAP because it gives you the ability to test quickly, without human error, and with high quality.

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Manual testing is stopping agility
A new era of test automation is here
How can no-code automation increase regression testing coverage in SAP

Manual testing stopping agility

SAP caters to entire product life cycles, from supply chain management, to invoicing. So even the tiniest error in SAP can cause a costly bug leading to system downtime.

With the move from SAP to SAP S/4Hana well underway, businesses have to be ready to perform system wide tests on a more regular basis. Along with a yearly major update, there are bi-weekly minor updates too.

This requires frequent regression testing. The problem is, not every organization has the toolkit to deal with this increase because they manually regression test.

For business users performing manual regression testing, it can take several days to complete. During this time, they’re performing no business-relevant work. And the likelihood of releasing high-risk errors goes up.

Fairly quickly, a regression testing suite will grow beyond the means of manual testing. So what are businesses doing to get better coverage of their regression testing suites?

They’re adopting commercial test automation that is maintainable and accessible for business and technical users.

A new era for test automation

As the risk and complexity of software development go up, the pressure to retain quality increases.

This brings a change to the tester's profile. As Capgemini identified in their 2021 quality report - QA teams are expected to have developer skills, and a quality and business mindset.

Only a small and costly group of SAP testers actually have these skills.

But there are masses of skilled testers and business users who understand the ins and outs of SAP. They just don’t have the years of technical experience needed to build script-based automation in SAP. It is within this group of people where the enormous potential lies.

How can no-code automation increase regression testing coverage in SAP?

With multi-faceted systems like SAP, it requires new tools to be able to run regression suites with agility. Leapwork is designed for managing automated testing in complex systems without having to compromise on quality.

leapwork sap test automation

Mitigate risk

With easy troubleshooting, users can identify and correct bugs before they are released. Coupled with the quick ramp-up time for automation coverage, SAP users, no matter the role, can ensure end-to-end business process continuity across the organization.

Release quality at speed

With the significant increase in time saved from automating manual tasks, you can ready your development department for service pack rollouts and SAP updates at speed.


no-code sap test automation

Leapwork's seamless workflow used to automate processes in SAP.

Collaborate seamlessly

With an intuitive and visual language, rather than code, people with different skills and expertise can automate SAP. For the cross-departmental processes that span across a landscape of web and desktop-based portals, you can use the exact same approach to build automation.

If you're interested in Leapwork as an automation tool for SAP, download this solution brief to learn how to ramp up and benefit from SAP automation faster.

But if you still want to learn more about how Leapwork makes automation more accessible, watch our webinar with NNIT on building automation with Leapwork in SAP, or compare tools to see which is the best for regression testing your SAP system at speed. 

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