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RPA vs Test Automation eBook - All You Need To Know

Have you ever wondered if RPA and test automation are the same? 

Software robots, machine learning, and AI are taking over much of the repetitive work that people encounter at the workplace. Organizations are trying to achieve a state of hyperautomation, in which all these advanced technologies are put together in order "to increasingly automate processes and augment humans".

So it's no surprise that we see more and more people wondering what is the difference between these technologies and how can an organization take the most out of all these technologies at once.

To some companies, automation is a new field that is hard to comprehend and, even more so, to find the most adequate tool for both. Especially, the difference between test automation and RPA can be difficult to grasp – even for people who have been working with software for a long time.

New call-to-actionA simple analysis in Google shows that an increasing amount of people are searching for the differences between test automation and RPA. Therefore, we have decided to answer that question, once and for all, in our eBook: All you need to know about test automation and RPA


In this eBook you'll learn:

  • The basics of test automation and RPA
  • The key 5 differences between them
  • How to use both technologies with one tool

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Lucia Cavero-Baptista
Lucia Cavero-Baptista
Content Marketing Manager

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