ServiceNow Automation Tools Comparison: ATF vs. Selenium vs. Leapwork

Lucia Cavero-Baptista

Automation Expert

Are you struggling to find the best automation tool for your ServiceNow instance? Make an informed decision with this comparison of ServiceNow's Automated Test Framework (ATF), Selenium and Leapwork.

Maintaining the integrity and performance of business-critical processes in ServiceNow is highly important, but also a major challenge and pain during development, modifications, and upgrades. To help mitigate risk and increase the efficiency of IT processes, an increasing number of organizations are looking into ServiceNow automation tools.

In this comparison chart, we compare three popular options when it comes to automating ServiceNow.

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Automated Test Framework (ATF) Selenium Leapwork
ServiceNow's native test automation capability A free, open-source tool A commercial no-code platform

While ServiceNow's own solution, ATF, may seem like an obvious choice, the best solution for you will in fact depend on the availability of time and resources, the skills within your team, the needs of your business, and what your current IT landscape looks like.

We therefore encourage you to read about the benefits and limitations of ATF to gain a better understanding of how it will fit your needs and to download the comparison chart below to see how it compares to Selenium testing, the open-source, code-based solution, and Leapwork, our no-code test automation platform.

The comparison chart looks at the following parameters:Pamphlet_fold_ServiceNow_Comparison

  • Usability and adoption: Is the tool designed for testers or developers? How much time will you need to invest in installment? Can it be scaled?
  • Integrations: Can it be integrated with your CI/CD pipeline? Does it have a REST API?
  • Application supported: Can you automate integrated applications, such as Citrix, Mainframe and Windows applications?
  • Governance and documentation: Is it enterprise-ready and has tamper-proof audit trails, easy troubleshooting, dashboards, and reporting?

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