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Succeed with your DevOps dreams

When business management wants fast market adaptation, IT teams are driving software production using the principles of DevOps. However, without an automation solution that provides fast feedback to everyone involved with releases, these ambitions will never be realized.


Build a DevOps foundation with test automation

Test automation is vital to fast and accurate feedback to testers and developers, enabling quick reactions to errors, bugs, and changing requirements. Without these feedback loops, there’s a limit to how fast you can release. Consequently, output quality is compromised, damaging the end-user experience.

The automation tool for your DevOps-driven pipeline

checkmark_box_redIntegrates with existing IT

checkmark_box_redEnables shared ownership by QA team

checkmark_box_redScalable. Zero script maintenance


All of my team can create, run and troubleshoot automated cases.

Lynda Hooper, Software Release and QA Manager, Louis Dreyfus Company



Meet LEAPWORK's fully featured automation platform


It works with your existing IT landscape

Your pipeline orchestrator will dictate the LEAPWORK Automation Platform, not the other way around. LEAPWORK comes with a fully documented REST API, native plugins for most common DevOps tools and orchestrators.

Collaborate on automation

The LEAPWORK Automation Platform comes with a wide a range of governance features to support DevOps: Unlimited users, role-based access control, extensive audit log, shared automation assets, revision history, etc.

Design locally, execute remotely at any time

Run batches of automated test cases against multiple environments. Design tests during the day, execute them during night, and monitor results the next morning.



Ensure rapid feedback across the pipeline

Integrate with your CI/CD pipeline


I demonstrated LEAPWORK to one of my colleagues, and his face just lightened up. The possibilities for ServiceNow automation are endless.

Dean Simonsen, IT Process Manager, major energy and utility company


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