Test automation that works across your technology stack

With Leapwork's AI-powered visual test automation, you can say goodbye to time consuming manual testing, and heavy maintenance automation tools.  Automate across your technology stack, ramp up quickly and support a faster time to market. 

Build automated tests in minutes

Remove the maintenance burden

Scale quickly for maximum coverage

Why users adopt our cross technology test automation

Testing is unpredictable and time-consuming, especially when you’re trying to achieve end-to-end test coverage.

With Leapwork, you can meet release deadlines while ensuring errors don't slip through into production.

The fastest time to value on the market. We help you achieve better test coverage, so that you can release at speed, improve the customer experience, and create more effective teams. 


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How Leapwork automates across technologies

Build, run and troubleshoot your test automation cases across your business-critical technologies. From Dynamics, to Mainframe, Citrix and Salesforce, we have dedicated technology adapters that use robust strategies behind the scenes.

No matter whether they’re desktop-based, web-based, or legacy. All using the same visual approach. 

See it for yourself. 


“Thanks to Leapwork we've been able to move up the maturity scale by focusing on value creation, less technical debt, and more drivers that'll change this organization."

Dan Madden,Director of CRM
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“With alternative test automation tools, I still ended up having to program. Leapwork's UI automation and capture functionality are perfect for me as a tester. I can automate even parameterized tests without writing code.”

Prachi Sakar, Test Engineer

What applications can you automate with Leapwork?

Microsoft Dynamics and Dynamics 365

Validate workflows and ensure business continuity with every update, release, customization and configuration change.

See our solution for Dynamics 365 test automation ↗


Reduce human error, validate integrations, and maximize the confidence in your business critical processes.

See our solution for Salesforce test automation ↗


Ensure end-to-end business critical processes always run as expected in SAP.

See our solution for SAP test automation


Update with confidence no matter how many customizations are in place.

See our solution for ServiceNow test automation


Automate seamlessly across your Oracle stack and match the pace of development.

See our solution for Oracle test automation


Leapwork gives QA and IT teams a powerful, robust, yet uniquely simple way to automate testing for Citrix and other virtual desktop environments.

See our solution for Citrix test automation ↗


Reduce risk across legacy mainframe applications, with easy green screen automation.

See our solution for mainframe test automation ↗


Automate repetitive processes in Workday without incurring significant implementation or maintenance costs.

See our solution for Workday test automation ↗

See our full suite of test automation capabilities

What solutions are you using?

Want to implement regression testing? Or CI/CD? We show you the green light for test automation. Imagine that…

Test Automation
Test Automation
Application Monitering
Application Monitoring
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Regression Testing
End To End Testing
End-to-end Test Automation
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Agile Test Automation
Continous Testing
Continuous Test Automation
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DevOps Test Automation
Functional Ul
Functional UI Test Automation

What applications are you using?

We’ve got an automation recorder for every application you use.

Web Applications
Web Automation
Desktop Applications
Desktop Automation
Mobile Web
Mobile Web Automation
Virtual Desktop
Virtual Desktop Automation

What industry are you in?

What are your industry peers up to? See the value of test automation in actions. 

Banking and Financial Services Test Automation software
Banking and Financial Services
Retail and Ecommerce Test Automation software
Retail and Ecommerce
Telecoms Test Automation software
Healthcare and Life Sciences Test Automation software
Healthcare and Life Sciences
Manufacturing Test Automation software
Logistics and Transportation Test Automation software
Logistics and Transportation