Seamlessly automate across technology

Lightning-fast SAP automation

Leapwork provides a powerful, robust, yet uniquely simple way for application specialists and business analysts to automate SAP.

Automate Web Applications

All web technologies are supported with Leapwork's Selenium engine and built-in IE add-on. 

Windows Automation

Leapwork supports automation for desktop applications built in anything from C++, Microsoft.NET, to Java. 

Automate Virtual Desktops

Automate applications in a virtual environment, for example Citrix or mainframe applications.

Mobile Web Applications

Automate and test mobile web apps across browsers, operating systems and devices.

An example of technologies our customers have automated with Leapwork


Reduce risk across legacy mainframe applications, with easy green screen automation.

Dynamics 365

Validate workflows and ensure business continuity with every update.


Ensure end-to-end business critical processes always run as expected.


Update with confidence no matter how many customizations are in place.


Reduce human error, validate integrations, and maximize the confidence in your business critical processes.


Automate seamlessly across your Oracle stack and match the pace of development.

Office 365

From SharePoint and Excel to E-Discovery, eliminate repetitive tests and processes associated with your Microsoft Office suite.


Automate repetitive processes in Workday without incurring significant implementation or maintenance costs.

Web Automation

Design, build and analyze automation across any web application, browser or device with ease.

Desktop Automation

A fast, efficient way to automate and verify desktop-based applications and critical processes.

Mobile Web Automation

Automate tests for responsive and mobile web applications on simulated or real devices. No coding required.

Virtual Desktop Automation

Ensure a continuous high performance of virtualization software like Citrix or Remote Desktop.


“We were able to address our automation needs
across a range of different technologies.”

David Pound, Investec

Remove complexity, automate seamlessly.

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