Risk Radar Report 2022

Risk in Quality Assurance: The Full Report

A staggering 82% of testers say that up to 40% of software goes to market without proper testing. Software failures have the potential to destroy a company’s reputation and severely impact revenue. In the most extreme cases, they can even endanger lives.

In partnership with Censuswide, Leapwork sought to uncover attitudes towards and perceptions of software testing within large organizations. The research included just under 500 UK and US CEOs and software testers at companies larger than 500 employees. This happened across banking and financial services, healthcare and life sciences, manufacturing, retail and E-commerce, telecoms, and logistics and transportation. 

This report takes a deep dive into the consequences of risk in QA, the move toward test automation, and why it isn’t yet being used to its full potential. 

Some key findings from the Risk Report: 

77% of CEOs could be leaving their businesses open to reputational and financial risks by releasing insufficiently tested software. 

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Testers who thought that poorly tested software issue to market presents a critical or big risk varied greatly across the industries. 

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8 out of 10 testers said that up to 40% of software goes to market without sufficient testing.

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Around 40% of CEOs cited reliance on manual testing as the main reason why software is not tested properly

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83% of CEOs fear losing their job in the event of a software failure

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