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Capgemini and Leapwork Partner to Increase Use of Automation

Leapwork has signed an alliance with Capgemini, a global leader in consulting, digital transformation, technology, and engineering services. The alliance will strengthen the use of test automation among Danish companies that have not yet reaped the benefits of automation tools.

The partnership between Capgemini and Leapwork will offer a unique solution to businesses wishing to streamline operations and accelerate their digital transformation. Andreas Lund, Partner Director at Leapwork, explains how this partnership will benefit customers:

Capgemini has a strong advisory and implementation capacity in the field of testing and quality assurance. They know the needs of the client, and they can implement workflows that streamline testing processes markedly. With our platform in the portfolio, automation will be even more intuitive. We have replaced coding with a visual language, so that any employee can use automation without specific technical skills,” - Andreas Lund, Partner Director, Leapwork

Read at ITWatch (In Danish): New Partnership with Consultancy Firm will Ensure a Larger Part of a Growing Market for Leapwork

Testing and quality assurance have increasingly become a challenge for companies and public institutions as digital transformation gathers momentum.

The vision is that automation will be an integrated part of everyday life in organizations, that would otherwise not have the technical resources to test manually.

Often, organizations are compelled to hire developers that do not necessarily possess knowledge about core business areas. 

“Automation contains an enormous optimization potential for Danish companies. Capgemini in Denmark has worked with test automation for decades and has helped clients streamline and automate testing procedures through for example the automation platform from Leapwork. That is why we are happy to formalize our collaboration through this alliance, where we will have the opportunity to take part in the ongoing development of the platform and in that way, ensuring the needs of our clients.” - Thomas Oxbøll, Managing Consultant and Quality Assurance and Testing Practice Lead, Capgemini Denmark.

Specifically, the new alliance will lead to an increased number of certified Leapwork-advisors at Capgemini with detailed knowledge about the platform, so that it can be implemented faster at companies and organizations.

Also, courses in Leapwork’s automation platform will become a permanent part of Capgemini’s open course offerings.

In an article published at ITWatch, Leapwork's CEO, Christian Brink, explains the problem that Capgemini and Leapwork are solving together (translated from Danish):

"[The pressure to accelerate digital transformation due to the Corona Crisis] has put an immense pressure on businesses. They need to go to market as fast as possible with online solutions [...] That's a lot of new IT that must be tested for bugs, before it is released, and which needs to be updated continuously. That means that testing departments are experiencing major bottlenecks, which can be resolved through automation. This is where Leapwork's automation can help, as it can be used by entire departments - technical as well as non-technical - and it can be scaled." - Christian Brink, CEO, Leapwork

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The solution that Capgemini and Leapwork are offering through the partnership is an integration of consultancy services and automation software. Capgemini's vast experience in testing services coupled with Leapwork's no-code software is what will ensure customers will see a fast return on their investment.

Contact Partner Director at Leapwork, Andreas Lund at for further details about the partnership, and request a demo of Leapwork's Automation Platform at

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