World-Leading Consultancy Firm, KPMG, Supports LEAPWORK Clients with Automation Roll-Out

Aske Denning

Automation Expert

KPMG, a business consultancy leader, has a long track record of advising companies about process automation for increased productivity and output. They have been helping LEAPWORK users—recently a global shipping company—adopt best practices for RPA, or Robotic Process Automation.

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A global shipping company is using the LEAPWORK Automation Platform to automate processes across the organization. For example, balancing end-of-month numbers and crosschecking PDF-documents with spreadsheets.

KPMG will assist the client in anchoring the know-how for a successful RPA and LEAPWORK adoption in the organization. This enables the company’s own automation teams to take ownership of process automation. With LEAPWORK, both technical specialists and business generalists can use the platform to automate processes.


LEAPWORK helps professionals work better, together, by empowering them to design intelligent software automation for tasks that are repetitive, boring, and prone to error.

Equipped with the LEAPWORK Automation Platform, thousands of users in all industries create and employ software robots on their own, every day. This way, they free up time for more meaningful and high-value work.

If you'd like to know more about the LEAPWORK Automation Platform and how to roll out automation, please get in touch.

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