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LEAPWORK Becomes Inforza Preferred Partner

IT service provider Inforza and LEAPWORK partner up to help companies succeed with Continuous Delivery.

The partnership between LEAPWORK and Inforza brings together the two technologies No Code test automation and Low Code development to enable true Continuous Delivery.

“With this collaboration, we strengthen LEAPWORK’s Dutch presence to better serve our users there,” said Andreas Lund, International Sales Director of LEAPWORK.

“The combination of Low Code development and No Code testing is a very powerful and logical one. With Inforza's expertise, the community of OutSystems developers will have a great entry point to codeless UI automation with LEAPWORK.”

Low Code application development platforms relieves non-technical developers of having to write code and brings development closer to business users with domain expertise. No Code platforms are doing the same for test automation. When you combine the high-speed delivery of Low Code development teams with the intuitiveness of LEAPWORK’s codeless UI automation, Continuous Delivery can truly be realized.

“Several of our customers want to keep testing in-house in addition to development, and LEAPWORK has a wonderful solution for that,” said Evert Jan Bos, Business Development Manager at Inforza. "With this partnership, we now provide a complete range of services in the field of quality management and test automation.”

The collaboration with Inforza is the most recent extension of LEAPWORK’s partner network. Learn more about LEAPWORK partners.


We are democratizing automation through our next generation visual language that everyone understands. Now non-technical people can easily train software robots to handle repetitive and mundane tasks. It matters because it impacts us all, from increasing our productivity to our job satisfaction. LEAPWORK robots are used by Global2000 companies in test automation, RPA and systems monitoring across the world and in all industries, from banks and insurance companies to life science, government and aerospace.

About Inforza

Inforza IT logo

Inforza is an IT service provider specialized in design, management and construction of business applications with the Low Code technology from OutSystems.

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Aske Denning
Aske Denning
Content Marketing Manager at LEAPWORK

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March 27, 2020 – Makse Group, a consultancy firm specializing in Workday ®, partners with LEAPWORK to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of Workday’s operations through no-code automation solutions.

LEAPWORK Partners with T&VS in Support of No-code Test Automation

November 29, 2019 - Copenhagen, Denmark. Test & Verification Solutions (T&VS), a leading hardware verification and software testing solutions provider, today announced a partnership with LEAPWORK to support the adoption of LEAPWORK’s next generation codeless test automation solution within the T&VS customer base, including its use in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and enterprise software.

NNIT Partners with LEAPWORK

NNIT partners with LEAPWORK to support automation in companies within the international life sciences industry and Danish enterprises. With the technology, the partners will help companies automate their quality assurance so that the statutory processes support innovation. Copenhagen, September 23, 2019 – NNIT enters into partnership with LEAPWORK focusing on NNIT’s core segments; international life sciences companies and the Danish private and public sector. The partnership combines NNIT’s legacy and strong capabilities within Digital Quality Assurance with LEAPWORK’s codeless automation software. “Technology within automation is steadily maturing and we leverage this technology in our own organization but also to help our customers enable less manual work, more streamlined processes and lower costs while minimizing the risk of errors,” explains Michael Clausen, Associated Vice President, Digital Assurance, NNIT. He continues: “We want to break with the notion that validation and testing take a long time and require many resources from tech-savvy people without generating high quality. With LEAPWORK's technology, which includes machine learning and AI, automation becomes business-friendly because the software is easy to access and quick to get up and running and can be used by people who are not tech-savvy." The new partnership fits NNIT’s strategy to strengthen innovative offerings with a focus on automation and artificial intelligence (AI) as a means for improved competitiveness. Combining the strength of the successful entrepreneur and the leading provider of IT services and consultancy, we will collaborate to help clients take automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to the next more mature level. “Working with an experienced partner like NNIT ensures that our clients get the right support in the adoption of our software, so it’s a win-win,” says Andreas Lund, Partner Director at LEAPWORK. He continues: “We look very much forward to working closely together with the experts from NNIT who come with a deep knowledge about highly regulated enterprises from the pharmaceutical industry and the finance sector.” About NNIT NNIT is an international consultancy in the development, implementation, validation and operation of IT for the life sciences industry. We create value for our clients by treating their IT as if it was our own, and of course, we meet the industry’s strictest regulatory requirements. We apply the latest advances in technology to make our clients’ software, business processes and communication more effective. NNIT A/S has more than 3,200 employees. For more information please visit www.nnit.com. About LEAPWORK LEAPWORK is the first no-code software robotics platform for enterprise companies —and we operate in the fastest growing IT market today. Three years ago, we built our first client relationship and helped them bump up their efficiency by more than 90 percent. Today, we work with some of the world’s most iconic brands like NASA, Mercedes-Benz, Boeing and PayPal.