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Makse Group and LEAPWORK Announce Partnership

March 27, 2020 – Makse Group, a consultancy firm specializing in Workday ®, partners with LEAPWORK to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of Workday’s operations through no-code automation solutions.

The partnership combines Makse Group’s expertise and passion for supporting the Workday platform with LEAPWORK’s next-generation no-code automation software, which improves the efficiency of Workday’s business-critical processes.

LEAPWORK helps empower Workday customers by automating tedious tasks without having to write a single line of code. Their intuitive visual language allows the user to automate any manual task performed in Workday’s user interface, reducing human error and saving resource hours.

Makse Group will extend LEAPWORK’s automation solution to its Workday customers. Andreas Lund, Partner Director at LEAPWORK said, “The combined expertise of Makse Group and LEAPWORK will significantly simplify Workday clients’ Robotic Process Automation efforts thanks to our 100% codeless enterprise automation software. LEAPWORK has the ability to remove any development dependency and has a short learning curve. This means that, when combined with Makse Group’s extensive knowledge of Workday, we will surely be able to guarantee a fast ROI for Workday users”.

Kurt Makse, Founder & CEO of Makse Group explained, “Partnering with LEAPWORK will allow Makse Group to offer the latest technology to our Workday clients.  The difference with LEAPWORK as a partner is that we aren’t limited to a few use cases, the possibilities where RPA could save time and money are endless and we can’t wait to provide this unique value to our clients”

About Makse Group

Makse Group is an expert team of consultants, managers and advisors with a passion for supporting the Workday platform and other related business systems.  Makse Group provides clients with the strategy, solutions and support needed to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of Workday through pre-implementation and post production support engagements. You can find more information at www.maksegroup.com.


LEAPWORK was founded in 2015 in Denmark and is operating in the fastest growing software market – RPA and Test Automation. LEAPWORK has a clear differentiator being the only no-code automation platform for Enterprises. The LEAPWORK no-code approach enables non-technical people - usually being those who understand the processes - to automate mundane and repetitive tasks. This results in lower costs, increased productivity and mitigated risk.

It has put the company on a rocket expansion during the last 2½ years, helping more than 300 clients in all industries such as Mercedes-Benz, NASA, Boeing, LEGO, BNP Paribas, PayPal and ConocoPhillips. You can find more information at www.leapwork.com

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Lucia Cavero-Baptista
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