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When business management wants fast market adaptation, IT teams are driving software production using the principles of DevOps. However, without an automation solution that provides fast feedback to everyone involved with releases, these ambitions will never be realized. LEAPWORK’s visual language accelerates the team’s ability to communicate and collaborate in the software development process.

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How does LEAPWORK empower agile QA?


Integrates with
existing IT

Your pipeline orchestrator will dictate the LEAPWORK Automation Platform, not the other way around. LEAPWORK comes with a fully documented REST API, native plugins for most common DevOps tools and orchestrators.


Enables shared
ownership by QA team

Forget about complex, code-based tech-lingo. With one of the shortest learning curves in the market, LEAPWORK’s test automation software allows anyone in your team to build and share test cases from day one.


Scalable. Zero script maintenance

With LEAPWORK, you can create custom no-code flows that contain the most commonly used processes. These enable simultaneity as they generate reports from reliably testing the same parameters again and again.

Why test automation empowers DevOps?

Test automation is vital to fast and accurate feedback to testers and developers, enabling quick reactions to errors, bugs, and changing requirements. Without these feedback loops, there’s a limit to how fast you can release. Consequently, output quality is compromised, damaging the end-user experience.


A truly codeless test automation platform that empowers your QA team

LEAPWORK offers an automated platform for all regression UI testing of any web and desktop application. Unlike most test automation tools that claim to be codeless, LEAPWORK truly stands up for its claims. LEAPWORK’s next-generation visual language makes it easy to design and understand each other’s test cases, removing any dependency on a developer. There is practically zero handover required. 

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LEAPWORK can be used to automate absolutely anything. Any protocol, architecture, application type or age – it just works. Gone are the days of logjam when it comes to automating test cases. LEAPWORK’s customer support is incredible.

Scott Kent - QA Program Manager, Health First

Why Should DevOps Work With LEAPWORK?

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