You would be surprised how much of your work you could automate

Automating business processes isn't about replacing people with robots. It's about using technology to handle the tedious, error-prone tasks that prevent you and your team from focusing on the skilled work you were hired to do.

LEAPWORK takes away the complexity of digital transformation, so you can benefit from improved productivity immediately.

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How could RPA help you improve productivity,
customer experience, and job satisfaction?

Handle loan
application requests

Automate elements of the loan application process: organize requests, prioritise based on eligibility, and process loans faster.

Respond to

Enable healthcare professionals to focus on patient care by using chatbots to handle non-urgent information requests with accuracy. 

Issue vouchers
and refunds

Handle large numbers of vouchers or refund requests quickly and easily.


Update systems with new employee information, notify departments to supply training materials, login credentials and moreautomatically. 

insurance claims

Process high volumes of claims at speed by accessing data faster and more accurately.

Respond to membership
change requests

Automatically sort through long lists of emails and prioritise them based on content, so there is more time to respond with care and accuracy.


Automate business processes with ease

LEAPWORK is designed to make it straightforward for the people who truly understand your business processes to automate them.

Unlike most automation platforms, LEAPWORK doesn't require any knowledge of programming languages to implement. 

No matter what process you wish to automate, it can be mapped using the visual, universal language of flowcharts. LEAPWORK will then handle the rest.

Digital transformation doesn’t have to be complex

LEAPWORK's intuitive interface makes it easier for business professionals to leverage technology in order to improve day-to-day tasks, whilst by-passing many of the complex challenges commonly associated with digital transformation.

This means you can reduce the burden of error-prone admin tasks, improve productivity, and achieve greater job satisfaction now, rather than later.


Supporting global businesses to achieve more

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“LEAPWORK belongs to everybody because it's so easy.”

Ken Graham, Intelligent Process Automation Manager at Visma

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