Support Policy


January 2021


Leapwork shall maintain technical support, as defined in the below schedule, except during national holidays: December 25th, January 1st, and Good Friday.

a) Expert Support: We deliver 24 X 5 automation expert-led chat and ticket support

  • Chat Support: Accessible through the Leapwork website (
  • Ticket Support: Users can create tickets by sending an email to Leapwork Priority Support - 

b) Self-support material is available 24X7 in our Knowledge Base, Learning Center, and Documentation, which is available via the Leapwork website


Support tickets are placed into three general categories as follows:

  • Question: a question about standard Leapwork functionality that does not involve changes to the core Software Product, although it may involve changes to the configuration made by the administrator.
  • Feature/Enhancement Request: a request to add functionality to the core Software Product
  • Bug: a defect in the core Software Product

Enhancement requests may be scheduled at Leapwork’s discretion, based on the perceived usefulness of the request for other customers. Note that enhancement requests may also be performed as paid custom development at the customer’s request.

We shall respond to and use reasonable commercial efforts to resolve issues deemed to be Bugs in accordance with the priority levels indicated in the selected Support package.

3. Support Package

Leapwork offers two standard support packages: Silver and Gold, as defined in the Order Form.

4. Priority levels

Here is how Leapwork derive the priority of issues from a Customer:

  • P1 - Critical: A critical feature is broken, or the system is crashing with no workaround and customers are completely blocked.
  • P2 - High: A feature is broken, and productivity is impacted, but a workaround exists, and the customer can use the platform with workarounds.
  • P3 - Medium: A feature is malfunctioning, however there is a non-critical loss of functionality and it does not directly impact productivity.
  • P4 - Low: A trivial problem with little or no impact. For example, the wrong layout or general software/functionality usage questions.

5. Support Levels

The following are the Support levels by Leapwork, as defined in the selected Support package:

  • L1 Support
  • L2 Support
  • L3 Support

As a customer you will primarily be communicating with our L1 Support Team. When required, the L1 Support Team will escalate the issue to L2 and L3 teams.


Standard Support is intended to cover standard functionality and software defects. It does not include the provision of customization advice and consulting services. If the issue is specific to the particular configuration of the customer knowledgebase or requires that we access and review the customer knowledgebase in order to provide a solution, it is classified as Consulting Services and is not covered under the support contract.

Problems caused by or arising from the following will not be considered "problems" for the purposes hereof and will not be subject to our obligation to provide Support Services:

  • Communication and execution blocked due to customer infrastructure like network, internet, VPN, firewall, policies, or windows updates.
  • Failure of server hardware or equipment not owned or directly controlled by Leapwork.
  • Failure of telecommunications or internet hardware or equipment not owned or directly controlled by Leapwork.
  • Failure resulting from errors made by the customer’s system administrator.
  • Irreversible destruction of data caused by direct actions taken by the customer.
  • Failure in taking Leapwork database backup or losing Leapwork Password or database Encryption keys by the customer
  • Force Majeure.