Data driven test automation

Creating individual automation cases for each data permutation that needs testing is incredibly time consuming and tedious.

With Leapwork’s AI-powered visual test automation, you don’t have to. Put in your data, validate your tests. No matter the platform. 

Developers don’t have to spend their day job supporting testing

Users can ramp up in just 30 days

QA teams can support fast time to market while reducing errors in-production 

How Leapwork's data driven test automation works

Eliminate manual data testing

With Leapwork you can work with data-driven testing using various input sources from Excel, databases, various web services and more.

Parameterize your tests and loop through rows of data so you can more efficiently run your complex test cases. 

jf hillebrand
“Leapwork's UI automation and capture functionality are perfect for me as a tester. I can automate even parameterized tests without writing code.”

Prachi Sakar, Test Engineer

Leapwork test automation being used to drive data from external sources

Maintenance that doesn't case a headache

Leapwork equips you with the tools you need to keep maintenance to a minimum with documentation, reporting, triaging and root-case analysis.


"You will not find a more intuitive tool for UI testing. The pace you can automate testing is astounding and blows the competition out of the water. "

Lawrence Williams, Head of QA, Telrock


More than just a test automation tool

Leapwork’s powerful features empower businesses to do more with less. Test automation that makes you more productive, release faster, reduce risk, and deliver higher quality software. 

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Safe in our hands

Our core functionality supports secure and seamless adoption. Whatever the size of your organization. Store your data with MS SQL and SQLite, and have it encrypted to industry standards.


With you every step of the way

You're not alone. Expert test automation support, at every stage of your journey. You'll have 24/7 access to our specialists, and a dedicated Customer Success Manager too. 


All the gritty details

Learn all about Leapwork. From architecture to deployment. It's all here in our technical documentation library. Architecture, installation requirements, licensing, deployment, administration, and more. 


Frequently asked questions

What is data driven testing?

Data-driven testing is a software testing approach that leverages a structured table of conditions as test inputs and verifiable outputs. This method is more flexible as it avoids hard coded configurations.

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How can I lower data migration risks?

Data migration is quite often carried out manually, leaving companies prone to risk. Test automation can mitigate some of these risks. Leapwork, for example, can ​​drive data prepared for migration into the receiving business application.

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