Leapwork's powerful test automation features

Our powerful features help you ease the QA testing burden. 

  • Easy to use
  • Low maintenance
  • Fast ramp up
  • Works with your technology stack
  • Exceptional customer service


See results in 30 days

Our mission is to make test automation accessible, quickly, so you can gain the most from automation. You can ramp up in just 30 days, and assure the quality of your systems under test.

People using the Leapwork test automation tool to automate dynamics 365

One platform. Endless possibilities

Automate your test cases, no matter their complexity. All within a single platform, using the same visual approach. No coding required. 


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Leapwork’s test automation features

Let's show you the features and support that makes this possible.

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  • Anyone contributing to QA can pick up Leapwork quickly, and users can get ramped up in just 30 days. Build tests just like drawing a process on a whiteboard. Leapwork will handle the complexity under the hood so you don’t have to. 

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  • Record yourself interacting with an application just like a user would, then watch Leapwork transform the recording into a visual flowchart. Building blocks represent each step in the test.

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  • Hypervisual software debugging so that you can find the route cause of a problem quickly, and triage without hold-ups. Find the what and the why in three ways: video recording, data-level insights, and activity logs. 

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  • Automate your test cases end-to-end, across your technology stack. You’ll be able to give the assurance that your platforms work with every release, update and customization introduced. 

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More reasons to use Leapwork’s features

Reusable components

Turn common test steps into reusable components for reduced maintenance.

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Drive data

Works with external data sources to validate your test data. 

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Reporting tools

Make sense of vast amounts of data with our PowerBI and Tableau integrations.

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Freeze run lists

Freeze your test cases at a moment in time, so you can prove traceability.

Run tests in parallel

Run tests in parallel using Selenium Grid, along with cloud providers, such as BrowserStack and Sauce Labs.

Dedicated support

We help you identify reach your strategic goals with highly trained support professionals

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Safe in our hands

Our core functionality supports secure and seamless adoption. Whatever the size of your organization. Store your data with MS SQL and SQLite, and have it encrypted to industry standards.


All the gritty details

Learn all about Leapwork. From architecture to deployment. It's all here in our technical documentation library. Architecture, installation requirements, licensing, deployment, administration, and more.