Automating Dynamics 365

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Recording from March 3 2020
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Duration: 1h

The IT landscapes of today’s enterprises are complex constellations. Testing Dynamics 365 shouldn’t add additional complexity.

Yet, most test automation tools today dictate that testers have to deal with code and concepts such as “deep object trees”, and “dynamic IDs for child windows” when trying to automate simple processes in Dynamics 365.

In this session you will learn how to overcome common testing challenges caused by custom development and Microsoft updates, and why you should automate Dynamics 365 with no-code test automation. We'll also provide guidelines on what to automate, and show you how Leapwork integrates into your CI/CD pipeline.

This is a joint webinar between IT consultancy firm NNIT and Leapwork.

Why watch the webinar?

  • See a demonstration of no-code UI automation on Dynamics 365 use case
  • Learn about standard components of Dynamics 365
  • Learn how to make testing match the pace of the development cycle
  • Get expert tips on low-maintenance automation design

Yuyu Charlote Scheller
Application Manager


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Sune Engsig
Chief Evangelist