SAP Automation with Leapwork

An automation success story
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Recording from October 22
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Duration: 1h

Join this webinar if you want to learn how to speed up the testing process of your SAP instance and mitigate risk caused by customizations or systems updates.

In this webinar, we will pay particular attention to automating critical compliance processes within finance operations, then move on to explain how automation can be rapidly extended to cover other business-critical SAP processes.

This is a joint webinar between IT consultancy firm, NNIT, and Leapwork.

What is covered:

  • See a live demonstration of no-code SAP automation
  • Learn how to automate critical compliance processes within SAP-driven finance operations
  • How to ensure your business-critical processes don't break by testing your SAP and cross-technology use cases in more depth
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Hans Mathiesen
SAP Finance Manager


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Sune Engsig
Chief Evangelist