How IntelePeer Successfully Implement Automation for Message and Voice Verification

An automation success story
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Recording from September 22 2021
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Duration: 1h

Testing voice-based applications with Leapwork! Learn how IntelePeer an omni-channel communications solutions provider use Leapwork to do end-to-end testing on message and voice services applications.

Hear from William E. Mary, Senior QA Engineer who is using Leapwork in a whole new way - to interpret voice responses and validate their content. IntelePeer builds Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions for their customers, and, through a complex setup of customized apps and technologies, can verify both text and voice messages. In the center is Leapwork – used to drive it all.

With two successful Leapwork implementation under his belt, William will share how a strategic approach to automation and onboarding prepared his team for success.

The webinar covers:

  • How IntelePeer verifies APIs and text message and voice services processes

  • Why it pays off to invest time in proper tool onboarding

  • Best practices for building successful automation

  • The benefits of choosing a no-code automation solution

William Mary-1
William E. Mary
Senior QA Engineer


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Sune Engsig
Chief Evangelist