The Great Migration: How Juxta Used Automation For Efficiency, Security, and Fidelity

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Recording from November 30
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Duration: 1h

Juxta, a successful SaaS provider in the medical industry, needs to migrate 175 data instances from Oracle to AWS with zero downtime. Learn the game plan in this webinar.

Juxta provides advanced cloud software for the medical industry and reliable uptime is essential not only for their business success, but also for doctors and patients who rely on the software to deliver treatment. 

To increase the reliability of their webapps, accommodate many simultaneous users, and make it easier for customers to scale their applications, Juxta decided to migrate from Oracle to AWS. The greatest challenge will be migrating 175 data instances without impacting the web application - downtime could have serious impacts on patient health.

In this webinar, Nicolas Andre, Quality Program Manager at Juxta, will provide an overview of the data migration and will highlight the team's challenges, success, and key learnings throughout the project.

Covered in the webinar:

  • An overview of a Juxta test automation use case
  • The challenges and successes of starting out with automation
  • The strategic and tactical aspects of validating a data migration with automation
  • A look at Juxta's IT infrastructure
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Nicolas Andre Juxta
Nicolas Andre
Quality Program Manager


Sune Engsig
Chief Evangelist