Leapwork Customer Success Story

Tyler Tech Reduced Testing Time From 2 Weeks to 1 Night

When thousands of people serving the public rely on your software, delivering the best possible access to your solution is paramount. With Leapwork, Tyler Tech have been able to build confidence in their new releases and, in turn, increase their customers' confidence in them.

How? By unlocking a new mindset toward test automation.

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About the customer

  • Industry: Computer Software
  • 5,000 employees

Technologies automated

  • Case management platform

Key achievements

  • Automated 450 test cases in 2 years
  • Identified 32 showstoppers
  • Reduced testing time from 2 weeks to 1 night

“Leapwork has helped build our confidence in the releases that we send out to our customers and, in turn, it's also increased the confidence that our customers have in us."

Mikkel Storm,
Senior Director of Product, Courts & Justice

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