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How to Automate ServiceNow: Test and Process Automation

Claus Topholt

Claus Topholt

Heavy customization combined with mandatory upgrades put a lot of pressure on functional and regression testing of ServiceNow implementations around the world.

ServiceNow has become one of the world's most popular and easy‑to‑use service management solutions and has been named by Gartner as a Magic Quadrant leader in its field for several years in a row.

The software is well-known for being incredibly flexible and can be customized to support virtually any IT service management requirements in modern enterprises, including tackling difficult legacy processes. And because it's all in the cloud, upgrades happen automatically so the latest capabilities are available without administrative overhead.

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Easy ServiceNow automation: video demonstration

In this short demonstration video, I show how easy it is to automate ServiceNow tests with Leapwork. It's not an engineering exercise, there's no code involved and there is no limit to how complex processes can be.

How to solve the common problems of ServiceNow automation

Most enterprise software share the same structural challenges for test automation with existing tools: They rely on complicated technical implementations, nested iframes, dynamically changing the DOM, and performing a lot of behind-the-scenes XHR requests.

ServiceNow is no exception, and this has made it very difficult to test with tools such as Selenium without writing extensive amounts of code.

Leapwork lets you easily overcome these complexities, including navigating nested iframes, waiting for XHR requests and DOM changes, and creating reusable components on the fly.

Using ServiceNow to trigger and run test automation in Leapwork is also very straightforward because Leapwork is built on an open REST API.

Here's an example of how to use ServiceNow to manage an automation process, and have incidents automatically created if test automation cases fail:

I built this example from scratch in a few hours time on a snappy ServiceNow instance. I'll be honest and admit half that time was spent getting date conversion working in Javascript. Someone with more JS skills than me could probably do it in a few minutes.

The bottom line is, if you are working with ServiceNow and want to either get started with test automation or want to use ServiceNow as the management platform, it's incredibly easy to do with Leapwork.

See ServiceNow automation with Leapwork in action

To gain more in-depth knowledge about automating ServiceNow and accelerating your digital transformation, download our ServiceNow whitepaper, and watch our on-demand ServiceNow webinar to learn how you can start building automation quickly and easily with Leapwork's no-code platform.

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