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What is Test Maturity? 

Anna Thorsen

Anna Thorsen

Testing your software is paramount to quality assurance. Without it, you’re putting your business at risk.

But testing in and of itself does not guarantee that your software is risk-free.

It’s the type of testing that you carry out that determines how mature your testing is, and how high-quality your software will become.

So what exactly is test maturity?

What is test maturity?

Test maturity defines how well you are testing your software. Pinpointing the maturity of your testing gives you a reference point for building better testing practices, and better objectives and goals.

It’s not to be confused with assessing the maturity of your software processes overall. However, the more mature your testing is, the more likely the quality of your software will increase.

Figuring out how mature your testing strategy is will likely fall on your plate if you are responsible for the software quality of your business application - like Dynamics or Salesforce, for example.

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Frameworks for defining the maturity of test automation

There are many ways to figure out exactly how mature your test automation strategy is.

From the Test Maturity Model to homegrown versions like the one we detail in our “How Mature is Your Testing Strategy” post.

But whatever the framework you’re using to figure it out, assessing your test maturity is a good step.

By defining the maturity of test automation, you’re more likely to be set up for success, and achieve the goals that will lead you one step closer to becoming a quality-focused, agile organization.

So what does this mean for you, and how can you categorize the maturity of your testing?

Jump right into building a test automation strategy that will help you climb up the maturity scale. With this checklist you’ll be able to:

  • Make decisions on the processes and technologies that you need to automate
  • Determine the method for releasing software into production, and
  • Plan failure analysis and how to take action

Access the Leapwork test automation strategy checklist