Customer Use Case

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences uses Leapwork to test its global ecommerce platform

  • Web Web
  • Life Sciences Life Sciences
Automation type
  • Regression Testing Regression testing


Key Results

  • From 12 to 26 releases per year
  • 90% regression test coverage 
  • 60% reduction in hotfixes 


Any organization with an ecommerce arm will rely on high quality user experiences and constant uptime, so it is critical to test applications, monitor performance, and launch new products and features to the market quickly and effectively.

This was certainly the case for Beckman Coulter Life Sciences (BCLS). As a subsidiary of Fortune500 company Danaher, BCLS sell biomedical research products to hospitals and laboratories around the world through their global ecommerce platform. Operating across many regional markets, BCLS aim to offer an exceptional customer experience with language localization and content personalization.

The Quality Assurance team had tried a code-based test automation approach, but it relied heavily on developers. This dependency had ramifications across the organization: the QA team found themselves with a testing bottleneck, developers had to deal with disrupted sprints, and incomplete regression coverage led to issues in the ecommerce experience for customers.


With Leapwork, non-technical members of BCLS’s QA division can now create, execute, and maintain automated regression tests quickly. “This was a huge game-changer for us” - Richardo Rego, Architect and Lead Developer.

The QA team can test new web features, run the full regression suite, and create new tests in one agile cycle without causing a delay to deployment. This includes localization coverage. As a result, BCLS can deploy new or improved capabilities to their website every two weeks.

It has allowed us to raise the quality of code and diminish the number of hotfixes in a year. This means we can now stay ahead of the curve on trends and customer needs.”
Ricardo Rego, Architect and Lead Developer



Download the solution brief: Leapwork for ecommerce

Get a digestable overview of Leapwork's offering for organization's with an ecommerce arm. This solution brief includes:

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  • Key Leapwork features
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