Leapwork Customer Success Story

Farmad Automates 95% of Regression Testing with Implementation Partner


Farmad specializes in providing software solutions for pharmacists in the Flemish market. They offer a range of pharmacy management software and related services to support efficient pharmacy operations, patient safety, and regulatory compliance.

Before implementing Leapwork, Farmad faced several challenges in testing their software. They had a dedicated test team responsible for manual testing of new features and for regression testing. However, the workload was overwhelming, leading to bugs going unnoticed and concerns about handling future feature development.

Time constraints prevented the execution of many identified test cases. Insufficient testing posed the risk of erroneous software being deployed to pharmacists, potentially resulting in client dissatisfaction, operational issues for pharmacists, and errors in payment processes.  


Having worked together on other transformation projects, Farmad sought the expertise of trusted Leapwork partner, BDO, a global professional services firm specializing in technology consulting and advisory services.

Farmad chose Leapwork as the main tool for their test automation journey, as Leapwork came recommended from BDO and Leapwork’s visual test automation platform impressed during demos.

It took the testing team approximately two weeks to get started with Leapwork, thanks to the strong support of BDO and Leapwork’s ease of use. BDO trained Farmad’s QA team to construct automation flows, utilizing best practices with reusable components.

“With the help of BDO, we had real results within 14 days of starting our automation journey.” 
– Natalie Picard, Development & Portfolio Manager, Farmad


The combined support of Leapwork and BDO has enabled Farmad to achieve an efficient and scalable testing process, leading to enhanced software quality and customer satisfaction.

Leapwork's test automation platform has delivered numerous benefits, including shorter testing periods and faster release cycles.

“With Leapwork, we have been able to reduce the duration of our test cycles from 2 weeks to 2 days.” 
– Kurt Haine, Senior Tester, Farmad

Farmad has shifted from mostly manual testing new features and limited regression testing to 95% automated regression testing in Leapwork, freeing up time for the test team to do exploratory testing. This has improved software quality, enabled faster feature deliveries, and enhanced efficiency.

Test automation has promoted business continuity and stability by minimizing bugs and issues, providing a consistent user experience. The long-term cost savings are substantial, making regression testing highly cost-effective for Farmad.

By delivering reliable and effective software solutions, Farmad can contribute to the smooth functioning of pharmacies, enhance patient care, and uphold industry standards.

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About the customer

  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Size: 65
  • Partner: BDO

Use cases 

  • Test every aspect of Farmad’s digital solution, 2 custom (web-based) management applications for Pharmacists and 1 custom (web-based) customer-facing application.
  • Ensure Farmad’s digital solution adheres to pharmaceutical industry regulations.

Key achievements

  • Reduced testing time from 2 weeks to 2 days
  • Ramped up in 14 days
  • Automated 95% of test cases (750 cases in total)

“The biggest improvement for our teams is to have peace of mind with the push of a button in Leapwork."

Natalie Picard, Development & Portfolio Manager, Farmad

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