Leapwork Customer Success Story

Global Software Provider Frees up Developer Resources with Automation

The amount of regression testing of an insurance application was growing rapidly and could no longer be handled manually.

The system under test is a desktop-based back-office application used by several hundred people at three different insurance clients each day. The application is built on WinForms and .Net making the system vulnerable and a challenge to test. This requires test cases that are robust, reliable, and flexible.

The application is released in two-week sprints – and running the suite of 600 test cases just once during each sprint was far from possible.

Even with a team of five sharing the workload of regression testing, the test team at NNIT would only cover a small fraction of their test cases.

This resulted in developers occasionally having to help out with the growing testing workload, which stole valuable resources away from product development.



The test team at NNIT started using the Leapwork Automation Platform for the insurance application in December 2017. In just two days, the team built the first 10 test cases sufficient for a Proof of Concept.

Now, all automated tests are executed at up to four different stages of the release pipeline during each sprint. The tests can run in different environments as required by the three clients who have different setups and infrastructure. The tests can be executed both on an automated and an ad hoc basis as needed.



The team at NNIT expects to automate up to 75% of their 600 test cases.

The remaining cases will intentionally be left for manual, exploratory testing. In other words, in less than a year, with a team of five, it is possible to reach a state of “fully” automated testing, i.e. achieving the desired degree of automation of 75%. Testing efforts during sprints are now more agile and developers don't have to spend time on regression testing.

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About the customer

NNIT, provider of IT solutions and services for life sciences and regulated industries. More than 3,000 employees worldwide.


Technology automated

A desktop-based insurance application used by several hundred people at three different companies each day.


Key achievements

Within a year, the customer was able to reach the desired degree of test automation, i.e. 75% of 600 test cases.

“Leapwork lets us work truly agile. We can test more features – and do it earlier. We couldn't do our job without it.

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