Leapwork Customer Success Story

San Diego Superior Court Reduces Testing Time by 40%

The San Diego Superior Court relies heavily on case management data to administer justice effectively. The Court ensures that the data in their Court Management System is accurate, timely and comprehensive. The underlying IT systems not only support the judicial officers and staff, but attorneys and the public who need access to the justice system.

Leapwork was introduced as a solution to supplement testing and quality assurance of Court Management System updates, patching and upgrades. The use of Leapwork was later expanded to other use cases beyond testing, specifically as a solution to automate the data entry updates into their SAP financial system.

“Leapwork has empowered Court IT to swiftly develop process automation solutions using non-developer personnel, enhancing workforce efficiency to meet the needs of the Court.” – Jake Pison, CIO, San Diego Superior Court

The Court’s IT team have seen the value of having an easy-to-use platform that automates the mundane repetitive tasks typically performed by staff.

“Our objective is to accumulate significant efficiency gains overall by automating these simple, repetitive tasks across various departments within the organization.” - Jake Pison, CIO, San Diego Superior Court

The implementation of Leapwork has resulted in numerous benefits. With every quarterly update to their case management systems, the court used to spend 2-3 weeks on regression testing. They would bring in 10-15 staff to test. With Leapwork, the Court was able to reduce the test cycle by 40% and the staffing resources by 40%. In short, the outcomes are:

  • Fewer people are taken out of their regular work to perform testing
  • It takes less time to complete testing
  • Testing is consistent and accurate, due to less human error

As San Diego Superior Court continue to successfully automate tests and processes, the adoption of Leapwork is growing organically across the organization. Not just with a growing number of workflows for increased coverage, but also across departments thanks to the proven efficiencies the automation platform has generated.

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About the customer

Company: San Diego Superior Court
Size: Approx. 1,100 users, serving a population of 3.3 million people
Customer of Leapwork since: 2021
Industry: Government
Partner: Tyler Tech


Use cases

Testing the Court Management System called Odyssey. The case management systems need to stay up to date and are upgraded 3-4 times a year. Leapwork is used as a regression testing tool to test approximately 200 test scenarios.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Finance operations: Leapwork is used to automate the data entry of invoices into the court’s SAP financial system.


  • 40% reduction in test time: From 3 weeks to 2 weeks testing cycles
  • 40% reduction in headcount: From 10-15 people to 6-9

“Leapwork has empowered Court IT to swiftly develop process automation solutions using non-developer personnel, enhancing workforce efficiency to meet the needs of the court.”

– Jake Pison, CIO, San Diego Superior Court

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