Customer Use Case

Global IT consultancy use Leapwork to migrate to a modern IT Services Management System

  • Cherwell, 55 px wide Cherwell ITSM
  • Software IT
Automation type
  • Regression Testing Regression
  • CI-CD   System migration


Key Results

  • 94% automation coverage
  • From risk-based automation to 492 tests automated
  • 7000+ automation runs since the project began


Modernizing and migrating enterprise software is a huge undertaking. It requires months – sometimes years – of planning; it is resource intensive, expensive, and needs stakeholder buy-in at every level.

Our customer - a global leader in IT consultancy, digital transformation, and technology services – relied on a legacy IT Service Management (ITSM) system to track, handle and report on incidents, changes, and service requests across its client portfolio. Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance was measured on response times and other key performance indicators were calculated with data from the system.

However, this legacy system was a ‘burning platform’ both in terms of hardware and support. Customizations were also so complex and fragile that it became impossible to run an upgrade. Testers couldn't get the required coverage and the risk of something breaking was too high.


Leveraging its extensive internal knowledge, the organization began a substantial 1:1 system replacement project.

The new ITSM system was implemented by an external vendor, but requirement mapping, testing and verification was done by the in-house project team that included IT Ops personnel, business analysts, and functional testers.

As well as complex workflow requirements, the system and project team had to handle comprehensive technical infrastructure, integration, and user interface needs. Everything had to be specified in detail, TDS and compliance documentation was essential, and extensive testing and reporting was required along the way.

With Leapwork, test automation formed a key part of the migration process. Leapwork’s visual approach enabled fast and easy collaboration between stakeholders to ensure data ends up in the right place, every customization works as expected, and critical business processes haven’t been impacted. 60 tests now run every day, and the full regression pack can be executed after every modification. To the customer, this has ensured the quality of configuration throughout the system replacement project.

“Previously we would have applied a risk-based approach to testing. Now we have the tools to test more often and much more broadly. From a future maintenance perspective, this will have an enormous benefit.”
Senior Test Manager



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