Customer Use Case

US manufacturer achieves DevOps success and uses Leapwork for end-to-end Salesforce testing

  • Salesforce Salesforce
  • Manufacturing Manufacturing
Automation type
  • Regression Testing Regression testing


Key Results

  • From 11 major releases per year to 10 release per month
  • 90% increase in testing efficiency
  • Scaled test automation across Salesforce orgs


As one of the premier manufacturers and commercial goods retailers in the United States, our customer utilizes an extensive and highly customized Salesforce implementation - relying on products such as Commerce, Marketing, Sales, Services and Finance Cloud to conduct daily operations.

Among other critical activities, Salesforce enables thousands of our customer’s affiliate retailers to promote and sell products to consumers, handles replacement part orders for millions of units in the field, and drives the order input process for manufacturing as part of an extensive ERP integration.

Over several years, these huge retail sales systems had grown increasingly complex and required “monolithic deployments” with extensive testing to bring new functionality into production. If an error occurred in one area of Salesforce during a release, the business consequences could ripple across the whole organization. 


With strong leadership and a clear DevOps roadmap, our customer established a new governance framework, identified and hired the right resources, and introduced scalable automation to cover regression and functional UI testing. A failed attempt with a well-known Salesforce-focused testing platform led our customer to look elsewhere.

Leapwork was selected because it is capable of stable, fast, end-to-end testing across Salesforce and other integrated third-party systems. But it was Leapwork’s easy to use visual approach that was the swaying factor. “We needed something to bring in that wouldn’t require a whole ton of highly specialized resources. Something approachable”.

With embedded DevOps practices supported by Leapwork and other core tooling, our customer has moved from one huge Salesforce deployment a month to a CI/CD approach with an average of 10 smaller releases every 4 weeks.

Things that took 3 months to develop and deliver can now be done incrementally, so DevOps teams can show new functionality within weeks. 

"Our deployment is now a first class citizen in our development process. We have happier customers because we can deliver things faster, and happier managers too because there are fewer problems”
Salesforce Enterprise Architect


Guide: Reduce Salesforce testing through automated testing

Salesforce is notoriously difficult to automate. Download this factsheet to see how automation through Leapwork makes it possible to dramatically reduce the number of hours spent on testing Salesforce. Learn how to:

  • Implement codeless Salesforce automation
  • Find standard components - right away
  • Integrate with your CI/CD pipeline