Customer Use Case

Major Telecoms company uses Leapwork to test and monitor network diagnostics platforms

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  • Hardware Diagnostic Tech
  • Telecoms Telecoms
Automation type
  • CI-CD Continuous testing
  • Desktop Performance monitoring


Key Results

  • More than 800 tests automated in 4 months
  • From 20 minutes to less than 1 minute to identify a platform issue 
  • 75% First Contract Resolution (FCR) Rate


This leading telecommunications company is a service-driven organization with a support desk that receives thousands of broadband-related calls per day. Network diagnostic platforms are critical to support rapid resolution of broadband issues, maintain a continuously high FCR Rate, and keep customers happy.

As the organization scales its network coverage and demand increases – accelerated by a rise in the number of people working remotely – the challenge is to protect FCR rates while reducing operational expenses (OPEX). Service desk agents, as well as agents in the field, rely on network diagnostic platforms to deliver rapid, high-quality customer support.

However, data scientists, who are responsible for the success of the organization's network diagnostics capabilities, found it took too long to manually test these platforms. A code-based approach with Selenium was tried, but this also required a lot of attention and therefore proved to be a non-scalable alternative.


The organization now use Leapwork to continually test and monitor these critical platforms to ensure their ongoing availability.

With Leapwork's no-code platform, they get the coverage needed and have freed up data scientists' time to concentrate on other high value work. Circa 800 tests run automatically in 5-minute intervals over a 24/7 cycle, to immediately notify the diagnostics team if something fails. The resulis an average issue identification time of <1 minute, down from 20 minutes. 

For this provider, opportunities for automation don’t end at ensuring the stability and availability of reactive tools. The focus now is building a rigorously proactive diagnostics model, where it is possible to identify and solve broadband network issues before customers become aware and reach out to the service desk for support.  


Webinar: Test Automation in Telecoms

IT consultancy firm, Accolite Digital, explain how to break testing silos and achieve end-to-end testing for complex business support systems. The webinar will cover:

  • How to overcome testing challenges in Telecoms
  • Achieving digital maturity with automation
  • A demonstration of no-code test automation