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Scandinavia's largest train operator automates regression testing for customer-facing apps

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  • Logistics and Transportation Rail and transport
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  • Regression Testing Regression testing
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Key Results

  • From 2 days manual testing to 2 hours with automation 
  • 95% reduction in testing time
  • Automated regression tests cover 5 development environments 


With 195M passengers each year, 7,400 employees, and an annual revenue of 10B DKK ($1.6B USD), DSB is the largest train operating company in Scandinavia.

As consumer demand for route planning and digital ticketing has grown over the past decade, DSB met the need with innovative new apps and websites. National and regional transportation systems are complex – and most of DSB’s digital products involve multiple systems, teams, databases, and external partners.

For example, DSB’s ticketing product had to sync with a dynamic database of train schedules, a static database of seat configurations, and an external connection with Copenhagen’s intercity metro.

As the complexity and size of these products increased, DSB’s quality assurance team struggled to conduct adequate regression testing. Because so many people rely on DSB for their daily transportation, any service downtime would result in lost revenue and a tarnished corporate image.


The automation specialists at DSB were very eager to get started with Leapwork and automate as much as possible. To ensure a consistent and efficient rollout, DSB formed a “center of excellence” to identify and prioritize opportunities for automation across the organization.

The center of excellence included champions from each technical team to provide support for developers and testers working with different systems.

Today, DSB has automated regression testing for their customer-facing ticketing application and begun expanding Leapwork automation to internal business teams. Tests that previously took 2 days can now be completed in 2 hours – this is a 95% improvement and saves testers at DSB hundreds of hours every year.

“Developers often see late changes, which really does require another regression test. For developers, we can now finish those last-minute changes and still do the regression testing thoroughly.”
Jan Riis Sørensen, Advanced IT Test Manager, DSB

The team at DSB are incredibly proud of the robust tests they have built. Because of Leapwork’s ability to track UI elements and data over time and in multiple environments, DSB can complete regression testing across 4-5 environments at once.

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