How to automate clicking menu in ServiceNow

Kasper Fehrend

Senior Product Evangelist at Leapwork

Clicking items in the main menu is an essential action in ServiceNow tests and processes. Learn how to automate that process with LEAPWORK. 


ServiceNow's main menu, located in the left pane is a vital part of working with the platform. The menu can be personalized, menu items can be added to favorites, and the contents of the menu depend on user privileges. 

Most modules and functionalities of the ServiceNow platform are accessed via the main menu which means that practically any automated test and process would involve at least one click in that menu. 

With the standard "Click Web Element" component in the LEAPWORK Automation Platform it's easy to capture and click individual items in the ServiceNow UI as part of automation flows.

3.1 Click web element

However, when the number of test cases that involve clicking menu items grows and as menu items change behavior with new releases, it helps to have a standardized practice for automating clicks in the main menu. 

Best practice is to rely on a sub-flow that can be reused across as many automation flows as needed. This would be a component that contains all the actions and configurations related to clicking menu items in ServiceNow.

If the sub-flow is updated or configured differently, changes will become effective across all flows containing the sub-flow, drastically reducing the maintenance workload. This approach ensures that you only need to work on automating the menu clicks in one place and gives you a better overview of your suite of automation flows.

Learn more about LEAPWORK Sub-flows. 

At LEAPWORK, we've made a bunch of pre-made, out-of-the-box samples, or sub-flows, specifically for ServiceNow automation. 

Instructions: Download and install the ServiceNow sample flows.

The samples include a sub-flow for clicking menu items in ServiceNow, called "SNC Click Menu Item".

As demonstrated in the tutorial video above, this sub-flow lets you specify which menu item(s) to be clicked as part of your automation flows.

3.2 SNC Click Menu Item

The menu item is specified by top level navigation, that is, Application names, e.g. "Incidents", and by sub-level navigation, e.g. "Resolved". In this case, the "SNC Click Menu Item" component returns a list of resolved incidents. 

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