Drive Automation with Data from Web Services

Kasper Fehrend

Senior Product Evangelist at Leapwork

Learn how to use web services to drive an automation flow, as part of our series about data-driven automation with LEAPWORK.

Web services are here to stay. Modern applications are increasingly built using a service-oriented architecture, and legacy applications are often re-built to use services or are having a service interface added. From an automation point of view, there are several interesting possibilities for using web services.

In LEAPWORK, the HTTP Request building block is for calling a web service, posting data to a form without using the UI, checking if a website is responding, and more.

This tutorial covers two examples of using web services in automation: Checking if a website is responding and inspecting results from a web services call. You will also learn how to use a combination of string manipulation and automation sub-flows to create a passer for JSON-based responses.



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