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LEAPWORK 2019.1 is Out: Amp Up Your Business With Smarter Automation

To deliver on our promise of offering the most powerful and easy to use enterprise platform for test automation and RPA, our latest feature release is all about more productivity and scalability. Read about the highlights here.

MAY 6, 2019--Version 2019.1 of the LEAPWORK Automation Platform has just been released. Existing users can download it right away, and new users can try it out for free.

More Automation, Less Effort

2019.1 highlights include our unique and innovative Smart Recorder for designing automation flows in a few clicks, new Active Directory support, as well as several usability and robustness improvements. For a deeper dive into the release, please have a look at our detailed features presentation.

Smart Recorder: Automate processes on the go

Flaky record-and-playback tools for automation are a thing of the past. With the LEAPWORK Smart Recorder, you can automate a process step-by-step without leaving the systems you’re automating.


Just click on the UI elements, select actions from a smart suggestion list and enter the data needed. LEAPWORK will then immediately design that automation flow in the Studio application.

Active Directory SSO: Scale automation to thousands of users

LEAPWORK now supports access control with Active Directory (AD) users and groups, using a single sign-on mechanism. This makes it much easier to scale LEAPWORK across departments and roles – and it enables you to roll out automation faster across the entire organization.

As an administrator, you can choose to mix LEAPWORK users and AD users and groups or rely entirely on AD for access control.

Improved Scheduler, new blocks, and more

With the 2019.1 release, you can automate more work with less effort. Sub-flows can now be easily parameterized directly with default values, drastically simplifying even very advanced flows. Our library of building blocks now also includes even easier actions for automating web application checkboxes and radio buttons.

You will also gain a better overview of what’s going on when you run automation flows: What’s being run where and by whom.

New Learning Center content

We've added a bunch of content to our Learning Center, including new tutorials on Sub-Flows, data-driven automation, image and text recognition, and much more.

These are just a few of the new features of release 2019.1. For more information, check out our Release Portal.

Aske Denning
Aske Denning
Content Marketing Manager at LEAPWORK

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