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LambdaTest & Leapwork Partner to Enable Faster Value Creation with Parallelization

One of the fastest-growing cross-browser testing platforms, LambdaTest, partners with Leapwork to deliver a completely codeless end-to-end automated testing experience.

Septemer 2020 - Leveraging the new integration, users will be able to design and build codeless tests with Leapwork and execute the same on a wide range of browsers & OS on LambdaTest, all from a single interface.

The benefit for users is two-fold: They get the ease of test creation provided by Leapwork and greater browser coverage provided by LambdaTest.

This new integration will accelerate test creation and execution on browsers & OS that users may not have access to locally.

The ability to speed up testing while delivering the highest possible quality is a key focus area at Leapwork:

“Our core aim is to deliver rapid value creation by making it easier for all members in a team - specifically QA experts and domain specialists - to build and maintain test automation without the need to code. The partnership with LambdaTest enhances our ability to achieve this, by making it even easier and faster for our customers to test across browsers and operating systems, both on mobile and desktop,” said Claus Topholt, CTO and co-founder of Leapwork.

Leapwork enables QA experts and business users to create robust test automation suites without writing a single line of code. By adding the LambdaTest integration, Leapwork users will be able to execute these automated tests on LambdaTest platform’s 2000+ environment combinations and even run them in parallel.

The outcome is a major time reduction in overall test execution times.

“Our partnership with Leapwork marks a significant step towards a unified codeless test automation experience. At LambdaTest we always focus on developing features that will help testers & developers cut down the time taken to perform effective testing. Codeless testing and execution will help users put more focus on developing cutting-edge software rather than getting them tested,” said Asad Khan, CEO at LambdaTest.

Learn more about the power of no-code automation in our webinar: No-code Test Automation With Leapwork

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About Leapwork

Leapwork is the leading global AI-powered visual test automation platform, empowering the world's largest enterprises to adopt, maintain and scale automation in less than 30 days. Unlike traditional test automation, Leapwork is as easy and intuitive to use as cobbling Lego blocks together, for even the most complex test automation cases, which is why we are used by hundreds of global enterprises across all industries, from banks and insurance companies to life science, government, and aerospace. Clients include Mercedes Benz, PayPal, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences and BNP Paribas.

The company is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, and has local offices across USA, Europe, and Asia. To learn more, visit: