Software Release
Version 2019.1.1500

Released on 10-10-19

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macOS/OS X (runtime agent only): 32-bit_pkg

Service release: Version 2019.1.1500

Included in this release are the following feature updates and improvements:


Resolved issue

          Addressed various incidents regarding the Read Excel and Write Excel building blocks not functioning properly in sub-flows.

          For some users, the lastest LEAPWORK version caused WPF to crash, which has been resolved.

          Deleted run schedules have been resolved, as some users experienced flows running after being deleted from Scheduling.

          The Export of flows function has been resolved, as it was reported that some users were unable to export flows after upgrading to the latest release.

          When creating fields in the C# Code building block, the Enter/Return key now allows for navigation among fields and does not execute closing a dialog                window.

Technical improvements

          We’ve also optimized memory consumption in our Database building block, which caused a few issues for some users. Another change to the Database                building block is the addition of the Lazy loading mode button. This allows users to select whether they want to fully cache database data as normal or                  begin the loading smaller fragments of data at the last minute, hence Lazy loading.

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