Software Release
Version 2019.1.900

Released on 24-07-19

Download version (2019.1.900)

Alternative download for Windows: 32-bit_msi  |  |

macOS/OS X (runtime agent only): 32-bit_pkg

Included in this release are the following feature updates and improvements:

General updates

More control over video recording. Supports screenshot captures
Parameterize HTTP block method property with a variable

Smart Recorder has been optimized

Updates to REST APIs

Updated /api/v3/schedule/{scheduleId}/runIds to limit by lastHour or lastDay, etc.
Updated /api/v3/runItems/{runItemId} to include a URL to the .avi file
Temporary schedules have been removed from GET environments/schedules API results
Force parameter added to import/export flows & folders from REST APIs
Administrators allowed to copy ID’s for schedules, environments, and flows in Studio
Information ID’s included in hierarchy endpoint results

Technical improvements

Revision history adjusted to consume less space and offer better time savings
Reading of AD users and groups performance enhancements made

How we release

Feature releases

Major releases are typically released two to three times a year. The latest major release is 2020.2.

Bug fixes and patches

Minor updates, bug fixes, and patches, are bundled together for release when ready.

Release frequency

We aim to publish service release updates about once a month.

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