Software Release
Version 2020.2.780

Released on 23-09-20

Download version (2020.2.780)

Alternative download for Windows:

Included in this service release are the following improvements and resolved incidents:

  1. Fixed misbehaviors with saving permanent variables made using fields functionality.

  2. Auto-login is now enabled for scheduled runs configured to use local (localhost) Agents.

  3. Some users were experiencing an error while using the Write Excel block if all columns were not connected with input values. 

  4. More than one flow is no longer created during a single recording in SAP, even if a user clicks on the record button multiple times.

  5. The Command Line block now respects command execution time and does not wait for the timeout value specified in a block.

  6. Some users were not receiving an email as configured in Actions while running a flow via Run Lists, if the SMTP server was configured to use Active Directory authentication.

  7. Browsers no longer open on the wrong display when a user’s setup includes 3 or more displays with different DPI settings.

  8. When setting up an end date on a schedule, the date value is no longer automatically set to ‘0001’.

  9. Some users were discovering the wrong information message when creating an Agent with an existing name within the same folder.

  10. Double-click and right-click are now working as an action in the Smart Recorder.


If you have any questions, please contact your Leapwork Customer Success Manager or speak to one of our Automation Specialists via the website chat box.

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