In this service release, we have optimized and enhanced connectivity and communication capabilities to ensure high performance in all network conditions.

  1. Improved data loading in Studio, making Studio faster for all users regardless of network conditions

  2. The introduction of network bandwidth and connectivity monitoring in Studio

  3. A new fallback mechanism has been added when the primary protocol (Web Sockets) is not applicable due to network restrictions 

The following enhancements and new features have also been included:

  • Improved video execution on agent machines

  • Improvements to the Enterprise Edition to optimize database logic

  • Additional enhancements to Leapwork's Runspace feature

  • Optimizations for the "Add Building Block" window to ensure maximum responsiveness

  • Removed reminder to provide Administrator access when a user starts capturing in Chrome

  • Improvements to the installer for better support in the "Uninstall > Install" scenario

  • New API endpoints to modify Agents

  • Miscellaneous fixes and improvements

If you have any queries, please contact your Leapwork Customer Success Manager.


Download Leapwork Version 2021.1

How We Release

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Major releases are typically released two to three times a year. The latest major release is 2021.1

Bug Fixes and Patches

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Release Frequency

We aim to publish service release updates about once a month.

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