Our latest service release brings further enhancements to Leapwork's Dynamics365 and Oracle support, as well as other improvements. These include:

  • Even more robust capturing and strategies for the Dynamics365 adapter

  • Support for Oracle Forms (Java Applets) in the Internet Explorer browser

  • Increased stability and execution speed of the Java adapter

  • Introduced temporary copies of flows and sub-flows for restoring work if a computer crashes or a connection is lost

  • Added support for write-in of CSV files using the "Write Excel" block

  • Added support of non-native resolutions in Remote Agent by "Login" block

  • New API endpoints for improved test management

  • Improved Active Directory integration Various additional fixes and improvements

If you have any queries, please contact your Leapwork Customer Success Manager.

Download Leapwork Version 2021.1.819

How We Release

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Major releases are typically released two to three times a year. The latest major release is 2021.1

Bug Fixes and Patches

Minor updates, bug fixes, and patches are bundled together for release when ready.

Release Frequency

We aim to publish service release updates about once a month.

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