The main highlight of this release is a new, dedicated Green Screen Recorder for faster, more reliable test creation and maintenance. See the full list of improvements below.

For the Enterprise edition:

  • If you’ve ever tried to automate terminals using any other tool, you know how tedious and messy it is to work with screen coordinates to read, write and validate data. Which is why you should try out our new Green Screen Recorder! It applies Leapwork’s uniquely visual approach to legacy systems, complete with robust strategies and intelligent field recognition for fast test creation and maintenance. IBM i Access Client Solutions (5250 family emulators) and Rumba+ Desktop (5250 and 3270 family emulatorsare supported. To learn more, 1) watch this video to see the new green screen recorder in action 2) sign up for the webinar.

  • If you’re testing SAP, you can now select SAP Logon Pad (which does not allow adding or modifying SAP logon entries) when configuring SAP start preferences.

For all Leapwork editions:

  • If your organization has green screen but isn't using the Enterprise edition of Leapwork, we encourage you to reach out anyway so that we can take you through the new features that we believe could bring immense value.

  • We hope that you’ll enjoy the new logo and colors in Leapwork Studio!

  • You might also notice that the Java adapter is even faster and more stable.

  • If you’re a Leapwork administrator, you can limit “read-only” users so that they can only execute flows on local displays.

  • If your displays have been locking due to a lack of mouse movement (even when executing a Leapwork flow), this update automatically fixes the issue. Displays are only locked once execution is completed, regardless of the “Screen” and “Sleep” settings.

  • Thanks to the optimization of execution logs, real-time tracking of scheduled test executions is better than ever.

  • If you use SauceLabs or BrowserStack for parallelization, you’ll notice that Leapwork tests are now listed by their unique names instead of the same standard name.

  • The “Break Iteration Block” now supports all blocks performing “loop” or “iteration”. This means increased speed of execution for your tests that rely on looping.

  • You can execute tests in private mode in Microsoft Edge.

  • You might also notice improved 4K and DPI support when using Leapwork Studio.

  • If you’ve had issues with emails not being sent after a scheduled run is finished, this is now resolved.

  • If you’ve had issues with finding positions in a multiple display setup, this is automatically resolved (without needing to rearrange your display order).

  • If you’ve had issues with a file being uploaded twice by the Web File Upload block, this is now resolved.

If you have any queries, please contact your Leapwork Customer Success Manager.

Download Leapwork Version 2021.2

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