Along with a host of improvements, this release offers native support for Electron applications.  Everything within release 2021.2.515 is available to all Leapwork product editions. 

New feature: test automation for Electron Applications

Thousands of organizations use Electron’s open source solution to build in-house and customer-facing applications. But these applications pose a challenge to test automation, as they combine the complexities of web and desktop technologies.

Leapwork solved this by developing an adapter catered specifically to Electron. This means you can benefit from robust strategies that will ensure your test automation flows continue to work even when Electron elements have changed. This support is built into Leapwork’s smart recorder as well as 23 dedicated Electron building blocks. 


Product improvements:

  • Does your organization use Workday? If so, you can now benefit from Leapwork’s improved strategies that handle Workday-specific attributes in a way that increases the reliability of automated tests.

  • If your organization uses Oracle Cloud, you will also benefit from improved strategies for automating web-based Oracle tests.

  • In cases where sub-flows are used on more than one Controller (e.g., Dev and Production) and are replaced by an updated version of said sub-flow, Leapwork now ensures that no connections are broken. Everything will work as it did previously, while all sub-flows are updated to the latest version.

  • To reduce the file size to better fit third-party storage (e.g., Git), Leapwork now provides an alternative option for Export/Import operations. Alongside the already supported .zip file export option, you can also export (and import) flows via a folder.

  • Under the “Manual Variables” within scheduled run lists, passwords will never be shown as plain text, but be hidden and treated as encrypted values during test execution.

  • You can now disable (and re-enable) specific flows within Run Lists, instead of having to remove it entirely and then add it back.

  • The following HTTP methods have been added to a Schedule's "Send HTTP(S) request" action: POST, GET, PUT, and DELETE.

  • You can now export all execution logs (as either a .csv or .txt file) from Leapwork Studio with just one click.

  • If you have chosen to "Divide flows on Agents," Leapwork’s scheduler now ensures that only available Agents are selected to avoid flows failing.

  • You can now use drag and drop functionality to change the order of tabs for Flows/Sub-flows, Report Items, and Run Lists.

  • This latest release also includes support for Chrome 97 to improve Salesforce test automation.

If you have any queries, please contact your Leapwork Customer Success Manager.

Download Leapwork Version 2021.2.515

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