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Say hello to our SAP Solution Manager integration, SAP automation enhancements, and User Management API so you can control user administration from the ITOps or back office system of your choice.

Why? Our mission is to break down the language barrier between humans and computers, so people with a diverse set of skills and approaches can work together to solve problems, reduce complexity, and free up time to innovate - all while reducing risk.

These new capabilities take us one step closer. They make it easier to adopt and manage automation, even in the most complex enterprise environments. 

PLEASE NOTE: this release is compatible with Chrome and Edge drivers up to version 100. If you run version 101, please consider our later service release. Go here.


Highlights of this release include:

  • Our integration with SAP Solution Manager

  • Improved automation support for SAP

  • A User Management API

  • Plus multiple minor improvements and fixes


SAP Solution Manager 7.2 (SolMan) integration

In 2020, Leapwork brought visual, lightning-fast test automation to SAP-driven organizations. We enabled the people in your company with the best process or business understanding to convert this knowledge directly into automation.

But we recognize that many of our SAP customers are consolidating their entire SAP solution documentation into SolMan. To support this journey, our integration means you can use SolMan’s test management capabilities with Leapwork:

Map automated test cases to the documented processes they relate to.

Assign tests to users and manage the output.

Trigger tests to run via the Leapwork Studio.

Get pass/fail reports in SolMan for an overview of your automated and manual SAP tests in one place.


Lightning-fast SAP automation with extra flexibility: work with multiple open sessions at once, in the language of your choice

SAP-driven processes can be very complex. But we’re doing everything we can to make testing them less so. We’ve made it possible to have multiple SAP sessions and GUI windows open at once, all while running a Leapwork flow. This makes it more efficient to build SAP tests that cover multiple actions, steps, and users.

We also know that many of our SAP customers and users don’t operate with English as their first language. That’s why, when using Leapwork’s SAP building blocks, you can now select the language of your choice. Less hassle; easier collaboration.


Centralize your user management, with our new API

Unnecessary complexity is just that: unnecessary. That’s why you can now administer and manage users completely independently of the Leapwork Studio. With our User Management API, you can hook Leapwork into your ITOps or back office administration system to maintain and manage users from there.

Onboard and offboard users from a centralized location. Get an easier overview of user status. Become more compliant by baking this into your existing IT procedures.


Additional improvements and changes:

License check for new users: When the number of users exceeds the amount in your license, Leapwork will prompt you to reach out to your Account Executive or Customer Success Manager so you can purchase additional seats, as required.

Reserve an agent for every step in your test run, before starting a schedule: You can tell Leapwork to validate and reserve agents for every step in your test case before you start a schedule. This means no more interrupted runs.

Easily locate flows and subflows in the navigation pane: When you have hundreds (or more!) of tests, it can be tricky to locate the flow or subflow you’re working on in our navigation pane. Now, simply right-click on your open flow or subflow and select “Show in tree”, this will highlight it in the navigation pane so it is easy to find.


Also in this release:

  • We have activated our “Freeze Runlists” capability for Platform Edition customers

  • Improved support for Windows' interactive logon

  • Added support for For Chrome and Edge version 100. (UPDATE from the May 5th 2022: this release includes support for driver versions up to 100. A later service release has support for Chrome and Edge versions 101. You can download the service release here)

  • Capture BrowserStack logs in Leapwork’s Console Log, for easier debugging and visibility

  • Recurring schedules now run smoothly even if they are executed on the same agent as another schedule

  • Leapwork’s End User License Agreement (EULA) has now been added to the Leapwork installer

  • Leapwork now supports user profiles in Firefox, so you can run SSO use cases and more


What next? 

Download the release immediately, or contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.


Download Leapwork Version 2022.1.630

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