Major Release 2023.1.71

In this release, we are thrilled to introduce Selenium 4.7 to our web automation engine, offering numerous benefits for businesses. This update brings faster test execution and reduced maintenance efforts leading to improved quality of your web applications. By leveraging Selenium 4, you can enhance testing efficiency and deliver an improved user experience. In this release we have deprecated Selenium 3 and to ensure a seamless transition we recommend backing up before upgrading (please refer to our backup/restore documentation).

Dynamics 365 automation has received significant enhancements in this release, improving the automation experience for businesses relying on D365 F&O and BC

Other Highlights of this release include:

  • Native Mobile Application Automation: We have made notable enhancements to native mobile application automation, providing a better experience for mobile automation.

  • Web Driver Updates:

    • Chrome/Edge driver updated to version 113

    • Firefox Gecko driver updated to version 0.33

  • Improved Performance with AD Forests: AD Forests now offer significant performance improvements through optimized AD calls.

  • Enhanced SAP Element Capture: You can now capture dynamic SAP elements by the use of wildcards, allowing for more flexible automation.

  • Global Timeout Setting: Users can now apply a global timeout setting for all flows imported in Studio.

  • LDAP Configuration Enhancements: Administrators can add specific user groups in LDAP configuration restricting access for users outside the designated groups.

  • Bug Fixes: This release includes more than 40 fixes to known issues, further enhancing stability and reliability.

We hope these updates empower you to achieve even better results with the Leapwork automation platform. For more information and assistance, please refer to the documentation or contact our support team.

Thank you for choosing Leapwork !


What next? 

Before you upgrade, please ensure appropriate backup. If you have any questions, contact your Customer Success Manager or speak to one of our Automation Specialists via the website chat. 

Download Leapwork Version 2023.1.71

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