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Advanced features

Unlock the power of the LEAPWORK Automation Platform by mastering the more advanced capabilities.
These platform features can be utilized across automation scenarios.

Drive cases with data

LEAPWORK supports data-driven automation cases using integration to Excel, databases, web-services, powershell etc. Watch the videos below to get an introduction to the data-driven possibilities.


Drive data with Excel

Storing and maintaining data for automation cases in Excel is widely used. Get introduced to the intuitive and visual way to include Excel data in you flows.


Drive data with databases

LEAPWORK supports any database that has an ODBC driver - which means all databases! Watch how easy it is to work with databases as part of a flow in LEAPWORK.


HTTP requests

The service orientated architecture is here to stay! Drive your automation cases with data from web services - easy and intuitive!


Command-line automation

In some cases integration to and from 3rd party systems require powershell, bat files etc. Using the Command-line building block LEAPWORK gives you this possibility.

Custom Building blocks

Re-usability and easy maintenance is a key factor in automation. Using Custom Building Blocks wisely is the key to achieve this - this video shows how easy it is to create and work with Custom Building Blocks.